Five Tips for Blogging with Fresh Content

by A.D Paterson on 13/09/2009

Getting fresh content is something that a vast majority of the bloggers out there struggle with, but there are ways to make your life a whole lot easier, because, believe it or not there are people out there who have no trouble at all when it comes to updating their blog on a daily basis, and you can become one of them.

If getting, and posting, fresh content is a problem for you at the moment, then keep reading. In this article we’re going to look at five ways to make your life easier. We’ll look at how to get everything ready in advance, ideas on what to write, ways to get people to add to your information, how to do the research, and finally, reusing what you’ve already written so as to save time.

1. Write your new blog post and save it as a ‘draft copy’. WordPress lets you save anything, that you don’t want published at that moment, as a draft copy of the new blog post.

The great thing about that is it means you can put as many new blog posts up there as you have the time to write, and then just publish it as fresh content each day. This can be automated because WordPress allows you to give a date and time when the article is to be published as a new blog post.

When you get the time start to fill it up with more draft posts and you’ll be ready for those days when you wouldn’t have had a chance to sit down and write anything for your blog.

2. What things are related to your niche that you can write a new blog post about? You don’t have to write specifically about your topic to remain ‘on topic’.

Everything that you write about will have something that can be linked to it as a sub-niche, these sub-niches can, in turn, have sub-niches written about them, too i.e. say my niche is about the TV Series ‘The Twilight Zone’ (original), a sub-niche of that could be about the fears and anxieties of the 1950’s and ’60’s that were the backdrop for some of the stories.

That could lead on to the visions of the future the writers had, borne out of those anxieties, and how much of it has become fact. This could lead on to… well; I think you can see how this could keep evolving into things that you could use in your new blog posts.

When you take the time to think about it, there should be no reason why you should ever run out of ideas for fresh content.

3. Give people reasons to leave comments. Sometimes just asking people to leave comments will be enough to get them to, but, if you already have a bit of a blog following, you could run a competition for people who come up with the best blog comments.

All comments are classed as fresh content as they’re added, meaning you don’t always have to do the writing yourself.

4. Research the things worrying people in your niche. Forums are a great place for finding out what people interested in your niche are actually talking to each other about.

If they have anything that concerns them this will be the place you’ll find out about it. The next thing would be to try to find some answer to the problems they have, and then add them as a new blog post.

Once you gain some trust on the forums, usually by adding useful information on some of the threads, you can start to let people know that you have far more comprehensive information on your blog.

5. The reused article option. Some people find it a lot easier to take articles that they’ve previously written, and reuse it on their blog as fresh content.

That’s generally fine, but one thing you should probably do is to make changes to the articles. The search engines are getting more sophisticated when it comes to tracking down duplicate articles, so make as many changes as you can to the articles you’ve previously posted to directories.

Although it doesn’t always happen, you don’t want to suddenly find that the search engines are de-indexing you because your new blog posts are the same as articles elsewhere.

There we have it, five ways to make life easier when adding fresh content as new blog posts.

Save them in advance so you can get them to post automatically, write about things that are related to your niche if you’re starting to run out of ideas, get people to leave comments, find the things your readers need answers to, and, if you’ve written related articles, reuse them on your blog.

Stick with the five tips mentioned above and you’ll make your life a lot easier. Keep blogging on a regular basis because the more fresh content you have out there the more people will find you and visit your blog.

While it’s still on your mind get writing that fresh content.

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