A Second Income Through Blogging

by A.D Paterson on 16/09/2009

Having a second income is the dream of a large number of people in these hard economic times. Not everyone has the time to go out and find an additional part time job, and, with so many other people trying to find one too, the chances of getting that part time job reducing all the time.

What if there were something else that you could do where you could have a second income without the need to search for, apply for, and then compete with other interviewees to get a ‘part time job’?

In this article we’re going to look at how you can create a second income through blogging, and how you could end up spending less time than you would if you were to get a part time job.

First we’ll look at the opportunities that you have to make money blogging. Next we’ll look at how you can get fresh content to write about each and every day. Lastly, we’re going to look at how you can do all of this for free.

What opportunities are there to make money blogging?

There are a number of ways that you can create a second income through blogging, and it really comes down to your own personal preferences.

If you just want to write about things, and don’t like the idea of going for the ‘hard sell’, then you can setup an account with Google and have their Adsense adverts published in your blog posts. The process of setting them up is quite simple and you have them showing in as little as a few hours.

You don’t have to pick what you want to be shown because the adverts will be linked to the content of your blog posts i.e. you write a blog post on ninja knitting techniques, Adsense picks that fact up, and you suddenly start to see ads for videos on the latest ninja knitting techniques.

How do you make money blogging this way? Google will pay you a small percentage of the money that they collect from the advertiser each time someone clicks on the advert link on your site. You just write the stuff you want to, and get paid if someone clicks.

What if that isn’t going to make you enough to be a second income? Well, the next thing to try is to link to a product that someone else has created and is willing to give you a commission on.

If you’re an affiliate for someone who has a digital product to promote you can make as much as 75% of the retail price in commission. Not a bad deal when it comes to some of the big ticket digital products being sold.

However, we’d want to cut out a lot of the work involved in making money as an affiliate by picking an ‘ever green’ product. There are a lot of people out there pushing the latest internet marketing products to hit the digital shelves, and that’s fine, for them, but it’s usually a short lived thing. Next month there’ll be something new to promote, and that means you have to start promoting again.

Pick something that’s ‘ever green’, like information on clearing up acne, and people will be coming to your blog posts for years, because someone, somewhere, is always going to have a problem with acne. Do this in the right way and you’ll have a second income, and be making money blogging.

Each blog post you make will be adding to the number of ways that people can find your blog which, in turn, gives them a way to find the promotion. Fresh content is the key to getting more people to your blog post, which will have a link to the affiliate product you’re promoting.

If you post each day it will take you far less time than it would to go to and from a part time job – and that’s before you even did your shift there.

How do you find fresh content to post every day?

This will often come down to what you choose to make money blogging about. If you want to go for Adsense ads and like talking about what celebrities have been up to then all you need to do is check out some of the entertainment sites for the latest Hollywood gossip, and then put your own spin on it i.e. your opinion on why celebrity x decided that running over a photographer was a good idea.

Each post may not be a long term way of getting new readers, but fresh content that’s topical tends to get more instant results, and with new things happening each day you’ll always have a source of fresh content.

If you’re going to try to make a second income through affiliate products then you’ll want to go for topics that are relevant, have a long term appeal, and will give the people a certain level of results before they decide that you’re trustworthy enough to believe when you promote an affiliate product.

Find out what the top twenty problems are that people have in the niche of the affiliate product you’re promoting, and give them some answers. Obviously you don’t want to give them all the answers, because they won’t need to buy anything, give them enough for them to get results and then tell them where they can get a product that will show them how to maximise those results.

How can you do all of this for free?

To start with, the Adsense programme cost you nothing to join, so does joining one of the many affiliate networks like Clickbank. So now you have something that will make you money without having to pay for a product. Next is the actual blog.

Obviously you can buy domain names and hosting packages, but, because this is a way to see if you can make money blogging to give you a second income, you should have a look at two of the main free blog options available. They are WordPress.org and Blogger.com.

Free blogs will have their limitations, but, they are a good way of testing the waters before you make any sort of financial commitment.

There we have it, a way to get a second income through blogging.

Pick your subject and decide how you will monetize it. If you want to have something that will show a profit for a longer time then pick a subject that people will always want to know about. Get your fresh content by tapping into what your readers will want to know more about, and finally, start by testing it all out on a free blog host like WordPress.org or Blogger.com.

There’s no better time than now to get going with a second income.

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