Do You Really Need Regular Blog Updates?

by A.D Paterson on 18/09/2009

Have you ever wondered to yourself just how frequent regular blog updates have to be? Does it make any real difference if you don’t have fresh content going posted on your blog every day, and who’s going to notice anyway?

People tend to get excited about their blogs to begin with, then, after running out of ideas for it, start up another blog, on another topic, and just as quickly lose their enthusiasm for that, too, when they get stuck for regular blog updates.

Doing it this way they get fewer and fewer articles out to an increasing number of blogs – and then don’t do well with any of them. Some of the most successful blog marketing people will spend anywhere from 3-4 hours per day adding fresh content, updating, tweaking and generally optimising their blogs.

Not all regular blog updates have to add 100 percent fresh content. The big search engines are all about changing content as well. If you have a blog post that’s out of date, it can be just as easy, and as profitable, to rework the post with new things that have happened since the post was added.

However, the key ingredient in any blog marketing you do is still linked to having a constant flow of blog traffic. The best way of getting that constant flow is to get the same people coming back to your blog, and they’ll do that if they like what you’re writing about, and see that you have regular blog updates.

Search engine spiders love unique, fresh content – it keeps them coming back for more. If the search engines love you, they’ll rank you higher, and if they do that the blog traffic flows. The more posts you add, the more chances you get to ping your blog. When you ping your blog regularly it gets the interest of the blog directories, and keeps you on their front pages.

Blog marketing and social networking can all be combined to improve your results. The social networking sites will, normally, let you add a blog alongside your profile, so, it should be possible to have the posts from your other blog going into your social marketing blog.

Doing that means that if you have regular blog updates on one site, you update all of your social networking sites at the same time. This works quite nicely with Twitter. There is a plugin that you can get which will send a Tweet to your followers everytime you add a new post to your blog.

All these constantly updating blogs mean you have the potential to attract more blog traffic.

Don’t forget the people. Your readers are just that – your readers. They’re not going to keep coming back to your blog if you don’t have the fresh content that they want to read, there’s a whole lot of content out there, and they may just move their allegiance to someone else’s blog.

Give them a reason to keep coming back. Give them the fresh content they want, encourage them to leave comments (which are also classed as fresh content by the search engines), just make them stay. You’ll find that getting people who follow you to keep coming back is far easier than getting new blog traffic.

So, based on what we’ve seen the answer would have to be yes, it definitely is important to have regular blog updates with fresh content. You may not have to add new posts every day, but you certainly don’t want to go for months with nothing new added, and then try to get up-to-date with a flurry of activity.

If you’re struggling to add something new every day then it may be best to add something new just once or twice a week, just try to be consistent.

If you can build up a loyal base of readers you won’t have to worry quite so much about your blog traffic, plus, if you’re doing it right you won’t need to worry about blog traffic anyway because you’ll be getting plenty of it. The more people you have arriving, but especially the more people you have coming back, the more chances you have of making a few sales.

Get out there and give your blog marketing a kick start through your new regime of regular blog updates.

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