How To Get Your Blog Niche, And What To Do With It

by A.D Paterson on 24/09/2009

Are there any limitations on the types of blogs you build? Well yes, but they really only extend to your imagination, and the time you want to put into researching your niche. Most bloggers, when they’re first starting out, will begin with a blog that’s quite general i.e. it might be about themselves and some of the things that interest them.

That is a great way to get yourself used to blogging and some of the features, but, if you want to make money blogging, you’re going to have to decide on a niche to blog about. You should start with a niche and then break the niche down in the categories that you use i.e. the “blogging” niche could have categories like “make money blogging”, and “blog traffic”. When you know the categories it’s far easier to write posts related to those categories.

Coming up with an idea on what you’re going to blog about can be half the struggle, so here’s a few of the most popular, if a bit general, things people like to blog about: health, religion, politics, community, science, online diaries, culture, travel, gossip, and business. Next, take one of these broad subjects and find a much smaller niche within it i.e. health could be exercise, which could be about how much exercise you should do per day, which could be broken down into light daily exercises, which could also be broken down by age groups.

Got a niche, now, but no idea on what you’re actually going to say in your blog posts? Something you really should do, because it helps with traffic to your blog, as well as giving you something to blog about, and making you look like an expert to people in your chosen niche, is to join as many forums about your niche, as you can. When you have you’ll want to find threads where people have problems that they need to solve, the more desperate they are to solve them the better.

Next you need to find the answer for them. This may not be as difficult as it seems, one of the other forums you’ve joined may already have the answer. Before you go back and tell them what the solution is you should create a detailed blog post about it. Then, go back to the thread and post a useful answer to the problem. Don’t give them the whole answer in the reply, tell them that you have a detailed solution on your blog and they should go there to get the whole, detailed, solution.

Want to set your blog up fast – and for nothing? If you already have your own domain name and hosting then setting your blog up on that is probably the best option, but, if you’re just starting out and want to experiment before spending any money, then have a look at either Blogger or WordPress.

Both Blogger and WordPress are relatively quick and easy to setup. Where Blogger has an advantage over WordPress is in the fact that Blogger is owned by Google. While it’s not proven that it makes it rank higher or faster, it can’t really hurt to be owned by the biggest search engine. Where WordPress shines over Blogger is in its flexibility. There are so many additional things that you can add to your WordPress blog along the way that you can’t add to a Blogger blog. If you really want to, you could setup a blog with each and see which out performs the other – then stick with it.

Getting quick and easy traffic from social networking sites. Are you already signed up with MySpace, Facebook, or one of the other major social networking sites? If you are then the chances are you’ll already have a place where you can get a blog up and running. Because you’ll already have friends dropping by your profile it’ll be easy to get them to see your blog once it’s been setup.

If you don’t have any friends, then see if there are any groups that are already based around your niche. You don’t want to heavily promote your niche if you’re new to a group, but, after you’ve joined in a bit, it should be easy enough to start getting other members of the group to have a look at your blog.

Start your own Vlog. If you haven’t heard of them before ‘Vlog’ is another name for a video blog. Now that it has become quick and easy to shoot and upload your own videos to sites like YouTube, it has also become a great way for getting quick content onto your blog. People would, generally, rather sit and watch a video for a short time than read pages and pages of text – as good as your posts may be.

The attention of the average person arriving at your blog is going to be very short (so many blogs, so little time) and people are now getting used to watching videos on most sites they go to, so why not spend a few minutes to record a video and then upload it to your blog? You don’t have to do it every day, and it’s a great way to breakup long pages of writing.

Those are just a few of the many blog types out there at the moment, things change rapidly online. The best idea is to pick something that appeals to you, start off small, and see what’s going to work best for you. You can start as many blogs as you want so, as you start to get better at it, there’s no real reason why you can’t change the blog you have or just redirect your visitors to your new and improved blog. The thing is to just get out there and do it.

Too many people would rather read how to do something than actually do it, don’t be one of them, it’s far easier to learn by doing because you’re bound to make mistakes that aren’t in the book – just make sure you learn from them.

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