Submitting to Blog Directories

by A.D Paterson on 25/09/2009

Having started up your blog you may be looking at submitting to blog directories as a way to really get yourself noticed by all of the major search engines, and, along with a number of other methods out there, it’s a really good way to make sure that you get indexed quickly.

You’ll find that one of the big advantages of blogs is the ease with which they can be submitted to RSS and blog directories. Why are they so easy to submit? They’re easy to submit because there are a number of ways to get semi-automated systems to do it for you.

The first place you should visit is a site called It couldn’t be too much simpler to use and will submit your blog to a selection of blog directories and RSS feed sites in a matter of moments.

Start by adding in some of the details about your blog and post, and then pick the directories and RSS feed sites that you want to submit to. When you do it this way you should make sure that the title you use includes the keywords you want to rank well for, which is something you should be doing with the titles of your posts, anyway.

If you want to save yourself some time, then you should check to see if WordPress already pings the posts for you. To do this you should go into the admin section of your WordPress blog, click on ‘settings’, then ‘writing’, and have a look at the section that says ‘update services’.

In the box you should see a link to That means that WordPress is setup to notify pingomatic as soon as you publish a post, and pingomatic will then ping it for you. You can add other services to the list so as to get your posts pinged to as many places as possible, but always keep a check on the sites because they tend to come and go with great regularity. Nobody said submitting to blog directories was 100 percent automatic.

No matter how good you are at keeping the list current, doing it this way still won’t have you reaching all of the blog directories on the net. There are hundreds of directories, but you’ll cover most of the important ones using the previous two methods.

If you want to target even more blog directories, which is always advisable, then have a look at as they often print a list of the top 40 free blog directories – at the moment the list includes the site’s page rank and Alexa rank. Unfortunately you’re probably still going to have to submit your blog to these sites manually.

Traffic is always going to be a vital part of any blogging campaign you’re running, so you should find the quickest, easiest, and most effective ways of getting it. Best way is to ping your latest posts so they’ll be sent to as many RSS and blog directories as possible.

One thing to remember when submitting to blog directories is not to keep resending the same post. If you’re setup to ping them via WordPress when the post is published then you shouldn’t really be submitting that post to that directory again. Done too often it can start to look as though you’re spamming them.

Take a few minutes to get WordPress to do as much of it for you as possible, and then you shouldn’t have too much to think about when it comes to submitting to blog directories.

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