Why Do People Start a Blog?

by A.D Paterson on 29/09/2009

Have you ever wondered why you should start a blog, and what you’d actually get out of it? Everyone has their own particular reason why they decided to start blogging in the first place, but what are some of those reasons?

In the early day’s blogging was mostly done by people who wanted to have their own web presence, and didn’t necessarily have the technical know-how that was required to get a website up and running. Putting a blog together, especially a free one using either a WordPress blog or Blogger blog made it a lot easier for them. People were now able to share their thoughts with the whole world.

Of course, now that it was quick, easy, and very cheap to do, it opened up the possibility for owners of small businesses to get online, too. They could have a nice page that told all of their potential buyers about their business, what they sold and how they could get their hands on it. Later they would also be able to use the plugins to add shopping carts so the people could buy their items online and have them shipped to them.

People who were desperate to make some additional money could also see the potential in having a blog. By combining good content, the right keywords, and some paid advertising, they could get any message they wanted across – and make some money from it too.

Another way that people started to monetize their blogs was by adding links to affiliate products. They would decide what they wanted to write about, find a product that suited their blog and then have links to the sales page of the product from the blog.

The best way to get the reader interested enough to look at the sales page of the product was to make some reference to a problem that the person reading the blog post might have, tell them a story about how the writer suffered from the same problem, and then let the reader in on how the writer actually solved their problem – with the affiliate linked product, of course.

As we can see there are a number of reasons why someone might want to start a blog of their own. You may be a writer who wants to get noticed, or someone who just wants the world to know what’s going on in their life. You might be a small business looking for a quick way to get noticed in an increasingly online world. Or, you may be someone who just wants a way to make a bit of money by monetizing a blog and selling a few affiliate products. Have you got your own reason to start a blog?

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