3 Blog Traffic Generation Secrets That Always Work

by Author on 20/11/2009

You don’t have to conduct a 36 week research in the blogging industry to understand how big it has grown over the past year. Today there are millions of blogs on every topic imaginable and the numbers keep climbing up every hour. However, in the midst of blogosphere’s rapid growth, a major issue was born: Blog Traffic Generation.

Blog Traffic Misconception

Some bloggers say that there are so many blogs out there today that it seems there isn’t enough traffic for everyone …I beg to differ. Why? Because, if a reader subscribes to one blog, it doesn’t mean he won’t do the same for another.

As long as the reader gets something out of reading your web journal-he’ll keep coming back. That’s the only thing you need to keep in mind when you’re feeling jealous of sites like Copyblogger, Zen Habits and John Chow.

3 Blog Traffic Generation Scenarios That Never Fail

1. Guest Posts

Doing guest posts on other people’s blogs (that are bigger or equal to your blog in size) is the best blog traffic generation method out there. This method alone has generated 10-15% of my blog’s all time traffic.

In addition, people who come to your blog from another website are more likely to subscribe, because they are likely to trust you to a much greater extent. It all goes back to building trust, authority and social proof: people are more likely to trust you if someone else have told them that you’re cool.

2. Link Bait

Coming up with link bait content is another great way to generate tons of blog traffic. This strategy is extremely beneficial to you because it not only generates huge instantaneous traffic but also motivates people to link to your blog and thus improving your SEO and Link Building campaign.

3. Reciprocal Blog Relationships

To tell you the truth, I just made that term up to make this strategy sound cool, but it doesn’t change the fact that it works like a charm…

Do some research and find other bloggers in your niche you can connect with. Set up some reciprocal links and constantly do guest posts for one another. You should also link to each other’s “hot” posts and thus creating a win-win reciprocal blog relationship.

You can easily find people who blog about the same stuff as you do by doing any of the things mentioned below:

Run a search in Google

Set up daily Google alerts for keywords related to your niche

Search the DMOZ directory for websites that have been submitted in your category

Run a Twitter search and connect with people who are tweeting about the things related to your niche

Run a Facebook Groups/Fan Pages search and connect with people in that community

Run a YouTube search for videos in your category and connect with the authors of those videos

Don’t Forget The 80-20 Rule

Always keep in mind the famous 80-20 rule: 80% of your traffic is going to come from 20% of your efforts, which means that none of these strategies will be effective to the same extent-some will work better then others.

Test these scenarios out and see which ones bring you the most blog traffic. Cut the least effective and focus on what works-that way you won’t waste effort on stuff that doesn’t really pay off and generate more traffic in less time.

Which Blog Traffic Generation Scenarios Play Out The Best For You? Leave a Comment!

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