How to increase blog traffic strategies that are making people rich

by Author on 24/11/2009

How to increase blog traffic on a consistent basis without spending a fortune in time and money? I’ve read a lot of reports in the how to increase blog traffic niche and although they do offer a lot of helpful information i just felt too many came up short in practical ideas.

After reading through the various reports i made a promise to myself to find out how the real experts drive traffic to their blogs. Then after i had gathered all the relevant information i would make it available to the every day person so they could
see how to increase blog traffic.

Professional blogging is a very new idea with a lot of potential for entrepreneurs who have insight, drive, and a basic understanding of today’s innovative web technology. The number of self proclaimed pro-bloggers is still pretty small compared to the number of online blogs. However every day someone turns their small time blog into a high ranking , high following , cash pulling online blog. Don’t you wish that you could be the next self proclaimed blogging rich kid? Well guess what YOU CAN because i went out and contacted the owners of some of the top ranking blogs on your behalf.

So basically here is a few of the top tips i recieved from the blog owners.

Number 1 was by far the most commonly used technique when i asked how to increase blog traffic and comments. You will understand why when you see it. Good old human nature cant be beaten.

1)  Ask a question in your blog enteries. Humans are amazing creatures as soon as they see a question they take it as an invitation to speak their mind.

2) Announce you are putting together a resource list. If your readers know of a resource get them to post it and include a link to it in their comment.

3) Ask people to review a product or service you may have blogged about. This is a great technique for making your blog look truthful as there will be good and bad reviews included.

4) Give away something FREE , people love anything free. Ask them to post a comment on your free gift.

5) Get peoples opinions on things. Tell people you need help on an issue . Some examples could be where should you go on holiday, where should you invest your money, what colour should you dye your hair. You get the idea. People love to be heard.

Do you follow me so far ?

This is just a sneak peak into the life of a pro- blogger and how to increase blog traffic.The tips above if followed and planned out well will help you drive traffic to your blog. Overall, the strategies above translate to more money and publicity for you and your blog.The world of pro blogging is one of constant change , which is part of what makes it so exciting. How would you like to become one of them?

This article has been a crash course giving you a taster of how
to increase blog traffic.

Would you like to get access to the entire secret information i
collected from the top ranking pro-bloggers?
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