What to Look for in a Chocolate Diamond

by Felicia Rillsbrook on 14/09/2010

If you’re just about to head out to buy your chocolate diamond jewelry, then you might want to take a few minutes to read through this article first.

In the following article we’re going to have a look at three of the most frequently asked questions about chocolate diamonds. We’re going to start with the difference between chocolate diamond jewelry and your more familiar diamond jewelry, what you need to look for when buying chocolate diamonds, and then we’ll look at how to make sure you’re getting the right diamond jewelry for the fashion conscious.

“What is the difference between chocolate diamonds and regular diamonds?”

First, term ‘Chocolate Diamond’ was coined by the Le Vian Company and refers to diamonds that are brown in colour. They have formed slightly differently to the low-colour (the more familiar type of diamond) because they may have been exposed to more elements such as nitrogen, boron, and hydrogen. Even the amount of radiation available during the period of formation can affect the colour of the diamond.

Because the brown diamonds have been created due to these imperfections, it tends to be harder to find them of a quality high enough to make them into jewelry. That makes these natural diamonds rarer and more expensive than the low-colour diamond jewelry.

“What should I be looking for when buying Chocolate Diamonds?”

As with any diamonds you might be lucky enough to be shopping for, there are a few key things to take into consideration when shopping for a brown diamond. The main ones are the number of carats, the colour, and the clarity of the diamond.

Although a lot of people tend to concentrate on the number of carats (the weight) of the diamond, it shouldn’t be the main consideration when picking out your diamond jewelry.

Smaller diamonds will have a lower carat rating, but, if they have a higher rating for clarity (fewer internal inclusions and surface blemishes), and higher colour (hues, lightness, tone, saturation, strength or intensity) rating, then they are going to be more valuable than the higher carat diamonds.

“How do I know I have the right chocolate diamond jewelry?”

Over the last few years an increasing number of A-List celebrities have been buying into brown or chocolate diamonds.

Although you may not have the same sort of budget for your diamonds as someone like Cate Blanchett, there’s no reason why you can’t take a leaf out of their book, but just go for a slightly cheaper alternative. As mentioned above, carat rating, clarity, and colour are important, but, you can always take a slightly lower rating in order to achieve the same look on a slightly lower budget.

Now that you have an idea on some of the key things to look out for when it comes to knowing the difference between a chocolate diamond and a low-colour diamond, you aren’t going to be fooled into just concentrating on the carat rating over the clarity and colour, and now that you’ve scoured the magazines to see what your favourite A-List celebrity is wearing, it’s time to go out and get your chocolate diamond in time for your next big social event.

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