Ways to Increase Writing Speed for Busy Article Marketers

by A.D Paterson on 27/09/2010

Busy article marketers are finding it far harder to get the number of articles written that they need so as to be competitive in the search engines. If you’re one of these people with very little time, and a whole lot of writing to do, then you should spend the next few minutes going through this article.

In this article we’re going to look at how you can speed up the research of an article, how you can write the article in a far shorter time than you’ve done previously, and a cool trick for proofreading it relatively quickly.

How do you research when we’re busy article marketers?

The first thing you need to do is to work out what you’re main keywords/keyword phrases are. All of the keywords you use in your article should be related and easily combine to form an article. These keywords are going to make up the subtopics of your article.

You may, for example, have the keywords: acne free, acne treatment, and acne body wash. They would go together quite nicely in an article where you talk about wanting to get acne free using an acne body wash as your preferred acne treatment.

Next, write down the things that you know about each of those keywords i.e. one of the most popular acne body washes might be ‘Oxy Body Wash’ and this body wash contains 2% salicylic acid, and 2% salicylic acid is particularly good at targeting pimples.

You should be able to get enough facts to construct an interesting and useful paragraph on each of your keywords. If you can’t get together three or four interesting facts from your own knowledge, you might have to spend a few minutes researching on Google.

Now, busy article marketers, we write.

To start with you should write a quick opening statement about your subject, and include your main keyword in the first sentence. Next, tell the readers what they are going to find out about when they take the time to read your article, and then begin.

With the example about the acne you would start by telling them that acne is very common and effects people right up to the age of 24. Then add that, even though they may have gotten through their teenage years unscathed, they may not be completely safe from acne.

Then introduce them to three paragraphs that you are going to talk to them about, by saying something like ‘in this article we’re look at why people are so desperate to be acne free, we’ll delve into some of the acne treatments available, and to finish with, we’ll see why an acne body wash beats the other treatments, hands down.’

Then start each paragraph based on the subject that you’ve already said you’d be telling them about.

This may seem like a fair bit to take in at the moment, and you could be thinking to yourself ‘increase writing speed? how? It seems like a lot of extra work’. Actually, it isn’t. You are learning a structure that you will be able to follow for each article you write. You may even start to use a few key phrases over and over again, and it will save you a lot of time wondering what to fill that blank screen with.

A great proofreading trick for you busy article marketers.

Some people, well, probably most people, really hate proofreading. One problem that a lot of people find is that they miss mistakes that they have made. Often this can be a sort of word-blindness, they wrote it wrong in the first place, so the chances are they will read what they thought they had written to start with. One way around this is to use a text-to-speech programme.

This software will read back to you exactly what you wrote down. Admittedly some of them won’t distinguish between homographs (two words that are spelt the same, but pronounced differently) but you should know with version of the spelling it means.

The software may cost you some money up front, but it will save you a lot of time when you listen to your article, and pick up on those mistakes that you could have spent ages finding yourself; not always a great use of time for a busy article marketer.

There we have it, ‘Ways to Increase Writing Speed for Busy Article Marketers’. Know what you’re going to be writing about, have enough facts to make some interesting and useful paragraphs, have a set structure that you can follow each time, and sum everything up at the end by restating the points that you’ve made.

It may not be as quick to do at the start as you’re hoping for, but given time, and practice, you’ll speed everything up because of the repetition of the process. Now get out there and become one of the not so busy article marketers.

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