How to Choose a Topic for Your E-Book

by A.D Paterson on 15/10/2010

How do you choose a topic for your e-book, now that you’ve tested and decided to stop giving away money as an affiliate? If you have been tracking the sales of the affiliate products that you’ve been selling, then you’re going to have a huge head start when it comes to creating your own product.

In this, the second of the series on e-books, we’re going to look at how to choose your topic by looking at the figures you may already have how to find out what the buyers actually want to read about, and some of the quick ways you can bring all of those elements together.

How do you choose a topic for your e-book?

If you’ve been down the affiliate road you’ll have looked at a lot of products that are already available, and probably chosen one or two of them to promote yourself, but were you tracking the sales for those products?

If the product you picked didn’t sell, then the chances are you won’t be able to make your own product sell in that category. Looking at Clickbank and picking a title that has a high gravity will show you which ones the other Clickbank users think will sell, as well as which ones are already doing well. The higher the gravity the more competition you’d have if you’re promoting it, but that’s not what we plan to do.

If you find a group of products in your niche that have a high gravity then you know there’s a demand for them, so start with these. Look at what they’re talking about and follow alone the same niche topic lines. If you do that you won’t be straying into an area that’s either untried or just plain doesn’t sell.

How do you know what people actually want to read about?

Knowing what’s on offer, and actually sells, is a great place to start. We can see this from the gravity in Clickbank, the magazines for sale in the local newsagent, or by having a quick look at to see what sort of magazines they stock.

Now that you know what’s selling in your niche you should head to some of the forums relating to it. Forums will be filled with people talking about the subject that you want to create a product about. The idea is to listen to the things that they are asking in the forums. If you know what they’re asking about, and can find the answers to these questions, you have the basis of your book.

Not everyone visits the forums, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a huge number of people searching for the answers you’re about to provide them with in your e-book.

Based on the questions that you know people are asking, and you now have the answers to, are any of the other products out there lacking when it comes to answering those questions? If they are, then you have your way into the crowed niche.

Now that you have the topic for your e-book, and know what some of the content is going to be, how do you bring it altogether?

Start by looking at the most common questions. Some of the most common questions will be duplicated so you should be able to come up with one question that covers all of the variations of it. Find the answer, and then write about it. If you have a number of related questions then they can become one chapter of your book. Then repeat that with some of the other questions.

There you have it, a quick way to find the topic for your e-book and get the ideas flowing for the content.

Use the resources’ available to find out what sells (magazines are expensive to produce so they won’t be created for a non profitable niche) see if there’s anything that’s being missed from the affiliate books that people are already selling (without straying too far from the topic) and look at the forums to see what the potential buyers really want to know.

Is your mind starting to buzz with ideas on the topic for your e-book?

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