Tips For Writing an E-Book – How Do You Sell Your E-Book?

by A.D Paterson on 18/10/2010

How do you sell your e-book now that you’ve managed to find a niche, do the research, and get it all written? It may not be as difficult as you think.

In this, the fourth article of the series, we’re going to look at a quick way to set up a blog so as to sell your e-book, then we’ll look at a way of getting other people to sell it, and finally, we’ll talk about selling the private label rights (PLR) to make even more money.

How do you setup a blog in order to sell your e-book?

To start with, why should you use a blog over a conventional site to sell your e-book? The main reason is because a conventional website can be quite complicated to get up and running.

Conventional websites are far simpler than they used to be to setup and maintain, but it still takes a bit of time and knowledge to do. A blog, on the other hand, can be setup in minutes and is far easier to look after in terms of adding and removing content, images, buy buttons, etc.

There are specially created sales page templates that you can buy for your blog, but they aren’t always necessary, not when the first thing you want to do is to get a simple sales page up and start testing and getting some money in.

For any sales page you’re going to have to have a sales letter. Your biggest advantage here is that it’s your product, so you should know the biggest selling points, the burning questions your customers want answered, and the benefits of using the information from your e-book.

Next, look at the products you were selling as an affiliate when you were testing your niche. Was there one important thing in the sales letter that made you think that you, if you were the customer, would buy from them? Take the best ideas from each of the sites to use in your sales letter.

You aren’t going to copy any of the sales letters word for word, you’re going to learn from what’s already working to bring in money, and then use your products unique features, and benefits in the sales letter.

When it comes to taking payments when you sell your e-book you’re going to use PayPal. It is the fastest, as well as being one of the most reasonably priced and easy to use options available to you. There are a number of free plugins that you can use on your blog to integrate PayPal, or, you can create the link in your sales letter yourself.

What if you’d rather get people to sell your e-book for you?

Let’s face it, getting buyers to your sales letter can be even more difficult than creating it in the first place – you may have noticed that when you were selling to your niche as an affiliate – so how about putting it up on Clickbank to be sold alongside other products in your niche?

If you were following the other articles in this series you would have been looking at obvious things that were missing from the affiliate products you were selling. Most of those things would have been highlighted when you went to the forums to look for questions that needed to be answered, and now is when you’re going to make your unique selling point (USP)work for you.

The other products will be pushing virtually the same information as each other, just packaged in a different way, and by offering something that gives the affiliates something different, which will be of use to their email lists etc, you are giving them a new product to sell, and getting yourself sales that you wouldn’t have got if you were trying to sell the product yourself.

What is PLR and how can it make me extra money?

PLR is, essentially, where you give someone the right to alter your product, put their name on it as the creator, and do almost anything they want with it. Of course, if you decide to make a bit of money with this method you’re going to want to make sure you get as much money as you can before handing over the e-book you’ve worked so long and hard to get finished.

A good idea is to limit the number of PLR packages you sell, and maximize the profits for them i.e. if you’re selling 1000 PLR packages people would expect to pay far less than if you were only selling 27 of them.

One thing you might like to try first is to pick out several of the top websites in your niche and contact them directly to see if they’re interested. Tell them you only have 10 PLR packages to sell and you are contacting all of the top sites in the niche – also give them a free copy of the pdf so they can see what they’re buying. Remember, if you say you’re only selling x amount of them then only sell that many.

If the top niche sites like you’re product you may have a customer base for the next PLR product you create.
There we have it, a quick guide on ways to sell your e-book.

Setup a blog because it’s quick and easy to get running and maintain. Think about using Clickbank to tap into the vast number of affiliates that can sell to more people than you would ever be able to reach, and think about selling it as a PLR product. Many of those sites won’t have the time to create their own products, they will have people visiting all the time that they can sell to, and, if all goes well, you may be able to keep creating PLR products to sell to them.

What are you waiting for? Get out there today and sell your e-book.

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