Free Blog Traffic – The Pulling Power Of Articles

by Author on 21/10/2009

OK you’ve got your nice shiny new blog and you’re all ready to make some money on the internet. All you’re missing now is some people. No people, no cash, simple as that. Assuming you’d like to be as profitable as possible we’d like that to be free blog traffic, not the paid stuff.

Anybody can invest a few hundred dollars in pay-per-click advertising to get people to their blog. Pure dumb luck will do some of it, tweaking and tuning will improve your figures.

Trouble is most people either haven’t got the budget or are plain stubborn and don’t want to put their hand in their pocket. Hey, I can dig that – me either! Why pay if you don’t have too, right?

So we’ve got our target, free blog traffic, but how are we going to achieve it?

Probably the single most successful way is article marketing. Write an article like this, submit it to the right websites, people read it and visit your blog. Voila! Lots of lovely blog traffic at zero cost.

That’s the principle, and done properly it works very well. There are a few tricks of the trade, like there are with anything else, but you don’t need to be an English professor to make this work for your blog. Look at this article. Anything special about the writing? Nope, I’m just an ordinary Joe with an average education. A few hundred words (hopefully well chosen) and it should trundle off into the depths of the internet and do its work.

There are no big secrets about making article marketing work but it’ll probably take a while to get good at it. The good news is that even of you’re not so hot to start off with it costs you nothing so any free blog traffic you get is better than none!

Actually there is one “secret”, you have to keep doing it. If you write and submit ten articles you’ll certainly get some traffic to your blog, but then you’ll see how it follows that to get more traffic you need to write more articles. A hundred articles is going to bring you many more people than ten.

So do you have to be tied to the keyboard eight hours a day? Doesn’t sound like a lot of fun to me!

No, you don’t. I actually know one guy who spends about four hours a day at his computer and writes ten articles a day, pretty much every day. He just loves writing articles and he has a six-figure income as a result. A hundred grand a year plus, for four hours work a day isn’t bad, but it’s only one approach. There are plenty of others.

If you can only write two or three articles a week you’ll still get that important free blog traffic, it’ll just take you a bit longer. If you’re smart, you’ll do other things as well to make the most of that traffic and increase your blog profits.

Building free blog traffic isn’t difficult once you know a few pro tips and tricks. Once you can drive traffic into your blogs, you’ll get money out! More free info here: Free Blog Traffic.

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