Sure-fire Methods to Increase Blog Traffic

by Author on 21/10/2009

So you’ve signed up for a blog with WordPress or Blogger and you’ve filled your blog with great content. But a couple of days go by and you notice that you don’t have any visitors. Now you have a problem….

A lot of people go through this scenario everyday. For some reason some people seem to think that once they get a website or blog up and running people will magically come to it. Things just don’t work that way. In order for you to get lots of traffic to your blog your going to need to do a little bit of work.

But the good thing is, if your regular filling your blog with good content, your already doing most of the work need to generate traffic. You just need a few extra touches to turn that work into blog visitors.

First you need to think about what the subject of your blog is and find good keywords to optimize your blog around. A good keyword tool to use is Google Adwords. You can go to Google Adwords main site and type in the subject of your blog and they will give you a list of the top keywords for your subject.

After you’ve gotten some good keywords, use them as the subject titles for your blog. This will help search engines identify your blog better and help to increase your search engine ranking.

The next step to getting traffic to your blog is to combine the process of filling your blog with good content, with article submissions to article directories.

Every time you submit a new post to your blog, submit that post to article directories with a link a back to your blog. This will give you some extra traffic and increase your search engine ranking substantially.

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