The Five Qualities You Need as a Successful Blogger

by A.D Paterson on 11/09/2009

Being a successful blogger may not be as easy as most people are lead to believe. However, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible, or that you can’t have a lot of fun, and make a bit of money while doing it.

In this article we’ll look at five qualities you’ll need to have to make this a successful part of an overall marketing strategy.

1. A successful blogger is a hardworker. Blogs need to have fresh content, and plenty of it. If you don’t have the fresh content being added to your site on a regular basis you’ll start to see a dip in new blog traffic, and a drop off of your regular readers.

There are a number of other ways that you can get the fresh content for your site i.e. ghostwriters and customizing PLR articles, but even those methods will take some time as you have to source the right writer or appropriate PLR articles. If you’re prepared to put in the hard work you’ll start to see the right results.

2. To be a successful blogger you’ll need to be resourceful. You have to keep asking yourself ‘why should anyone come back to my blog?’ if you can answer that then you may have just found a way to stand out from the crowd. If you don’t have the sort of fresh content that your target reader is after they’ll go somewhere else to find it.

Get the blog to appeal as much as possible to those readers. It’s not possible to appeal to everyone who might end up at your site, but if you can tap into the people who really are interested in what you have to say, they’re going to be the most likely people to buy from you anyway. Make sure they have a reason to keep coming back.

3. A successful blogger will have a number of ways to monetize their blogs.

These ways can range from selling someone else’s products (as an affiliate) to selling your own products or services. You can sell advertising on your site, or use a list of readers you have to exclusively promote a product for someone else – usually at a much better rate of return than the standard affiliate commission.

If you’re going to promote other people’s products it’s always a good idea to try them out yourself, it means you can give them a proper recommendation, and you’ll avoid people losing trust in you if the product doesn’t do what you’ve promised it will in your marketing.

Always make sure that what you’re promoting is in keeping with your blog and the topics covered by it, the more the reader identifies with the product the more likely they are to buy it.

4. A successful blogger gets serious about driving blog traffic. There are plenty of ways to get blog traffic, so let’s look at one of them.

Find a blog or website that targets the same niche as you, but isn’t in direct competition, and then offer to exchange links with them.

Make sure that you have your link going deep into your blog i.e. don’t just have it pointing at the home page. Make sure the other site is going to put it somewhere that people will actually see it, and make sure that you have a keyword as part of the hyperlink back to your blog.

If you can target a keyword in the link you can start to increase your ranking for it, and that will help boost your traffic too.

5. Winners never quit. Quitters never win. Even the most successful blogger will have taken some time to get to the stage they’re at; it requires constant effort, and just as constant a flow of fresh content.

If you stick at it you’ll end up with a huge number of posts, and if each page the post is on is monetized you’ll start to make a small amount of money from it. So just imaging how much you’ll be able to a make from a large number of posts bringing you blog traffic.

Quantity, quality, consistency, and patience are all required to make this successful.

If you have the five qualities mentioned in this article then there’s no real reason why you shouldn’t become a successful blogger.

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