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Great WordPress Plug-ins For Your Site

27 June 2010

A lot of internet marketers assume that Wordpress is meant only for bloggers to use. Ok… Wordpress can be used in the same way as a static marketing sites, so it’s not just for “blogs.” Wordpress, as you may or may know, is what is called a Content Management System (CMS) which offers great flexibility with applications, etc…

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The Power of Blog Plugins – Part Two

5 September 2009

As you get to know how the blog, widgets, and plugins work you’ll probably want to look for more plugins to make your blogging life easier. Some of it will be trial and error (read reviews first) but you can always drop plugins that don’t do what you want, and just move on to something else.

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The Power of Blog Plugins – Part One

4 September 2009

Plugins are more like add on scripts for your blog. Quite often the results of the plugin will be visible to the person looking at your blog, but, they can just as easily be running in the background improving your admin area.

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